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Here is my journey to creating an artwork...

Most often I venture to the bush or beach, coupling fresh air and photography for a wellbeing boost. 

However, it is surprising what beauty can be found in our human-built world too, even within the most ordinary of everyday objects, and on days where it feels best to stay in the house I will find something beautiful within my wee patch of the world. 

My inspiration is beauty. Always. I simply love beauty. I want to see it and I want to create it. 

I work as a triad.

  1. Me.
  2. Camera.
  3. Subject.

Each of us has a spirit, an intention. Yes even my camera. I do not see it as an inaminate object (what would Canon think of this?), but as a vessel holding the impression of places it has been, people it has seen, stories it has heard. As am I. As is my subject. 

My aspiration is to create an artwork that tells the story that emerges in the space the three of us intersect.

Camera packed, destination chosen, curiousity bubbling, imagination willing, intuition engaged. I have no idea what will happen next and somedays nothing much at all happens and I delete most of my images. Other days there is a synchronicity that feels like magic. These photographs become my artworks.  



  • Attention is my first tool in creating an artwork.
  • My trick to paying attention is actually to not pay attention.
  • It is to release expectation and become steeped in the sounds, scents, sights, movement, colours, relationships, light, dark.
  • It is to silence my mind and tune into the scene.
  • Then the magic happens.
  • There is an intuition spark.
  • The story begins to emerge. 
  • My role at this stage is the conductor, synthesising story with technique to impress into an artwork.


  • The digital darkroom is my playground.
  • Brushing and blending ~ colour, hue, light, tone ~ to develop an artwork which expresses the story and feeling of that intersection. 


  • Combining ink and paper is its own alchemy ~ each combination results in a different expression of the artwork.
  • I am the daughter of printers, this step is important to my process!
  • The print options offered allow the best representation of my artwork.


  • Share with others.
  • I step aside and release the artwork into new lives.
  • We will all see it differently.
  • This is what I love about art. Allowing one artwork to be seen in many lights. 



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